INSURY Startup Awards 2017 goes on…

5 Kategorien, 15 Pitching und 15 motivierte Gewinner beim INSURY Startup Award 2017

Wien (pts012/25.09.2017/11:00) – Im Studio44 in Wien wurde #MOI2017 mit dem persönlichen Motto „the way to create your innovative insurance“ von Erika Krizsan – Initiatorin des Insurance Innovation Day – eröffnet. Nach ihrer Begrüßung betonte sie, wie wichtig heute der von der Singularity University verbreitete Ausdruck zum Exponentional Thinking ist. Weiterhin ist wichtig ein entsprechendes Mindset zu- CoCoCo – Collaboration, Co-Creation, Connectivity für zukunftsorientierte ManagerInnen, um die digitale Transformation erfolgreich umsetzen zu können.

Mehr als 20 internationale Speaker haben tiefe Einblicke der Zukunft der Versicherungsbranche vermittelt. Die Themenbereiche waren neue Technologien, die die Versicherungsbranche revolutionieren werden, wie Blockchain, künstliche Intelligenz, Internet of Things, VR & AR. Neue, transparente, kundenfreundliche Ansätze verfolgen diese Themenbereiche.

Der Höhepunkt am Abend war nach 2-minütigen Geschäftsmodellpräsentationen von 15 nominierten Startups der INSURY Startup Award. Die Gewinner des diesjährigen „INSURY Startup Award“ stehen fest. Das internationale 14- köpfige Advisory Board, bestehend aus hochkarätigen internationalen Versicherungsexperten und Investoren, ist sich über die Nominierten einig geworden. Das Ergebnis wurde nun im Rahmen des Insurance Innovation Day #MOI2017 verlautbart. Mehr lesen

I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU!

We have 36 days 6 hours left….(at this moment, I`m writing my new blog)

I know, a lot of events will take place at this time on 20th&21st September, but I can promise, our new ideas (INSURY Startup Award with pitching session, 5Y celebration) will be very special for you.

Thank you to more than 150 innovators, who will join our #MOI2017 in Vienna.

My own dream is to give as many opportunities to learn in this very informative and digital world about the future of insurance, about the chances, that digitalisation give us.

This week I`ve learned a new word – „EXPONENTIONAL THINKING“! Do you know, what is necessary in the future for leaders – exponentional thinking? Mehr lesen

Networking is the crucial part of a start-up’s Stratege

Meet Alexander Degenhart at the MOI – THE MAGIC OF INNOVATION in Vienna

Please introduce yourself to our readers!
Alexander Degenhart: Dear readers, I am Alexander Degenhart. Since around 15 years I have been dealing with business development topics – my focus is on sales. I run my own consultancy firm with a selected specialization on sales and its development and management. My customers are start-ups and also international corporates from different market sectors. I hold master degrees in law, economics, studied management and leadership and like combining trainings, lectures and consultancy services with analytical business simulations. Privately I enjoy travelling and exercising sports such as cycling, swimming and hiking.

Please tell us about your business?
Alexander Degenhart: I love to work with ambitious entrepreneurs, corporates and startups as well who seek for growing their business through sustained, long-lasting sales. As a sales expert with many years of C-Level experience I empower organizations in accellerating their sales – from a strategy to the implementation and its management. This is in general what I do. It includes business modelling, supporting sales operations and sales organizational development. What makes the difference to other consultants? Well, quite often I get involved in the search of new key accounts and partnerships, but also in the set-up of new sales channels in foreign countries. Mehr lesen