I don`t like „corona-virus“- I don`t like this crazy time and I don`t know, how can we solve this problem together, the health and the economic situation?

I think, insurance innovators from around the world know, I have a Baby, called #MOI – THE MAGIC OF INNOVATION – Insurance Innovation Day in Vienna. This Baby is already a Child, it`s going to school. This year, it`s 6 years old, but from last September until March, we wanted to prepare our „Baby“ to be a Schoolchild. To develop more creativity for our game, to dance a „Robotic show“, to meet with other MOI friends and to learn more and more about the future of insurance.

But in March 2020 started a „crazy time“ for the whole world, that we never had before. We didn`t know the word „social distancing“, we didn`t know the feeling, not to meet with parents and friends, because of this high risk for us. We didn`t know, the feeling without freedom, to do everything, that we want to do or to go or fly everywhere, we want. This is something “NEW” for everybody of us!

What could I do with my MOI schoolchild? What should I say to my team (more than 10 people from marketing, event team, creative team, IT and of course I), working more than 5 month for the #MOI2020 event, every single day, we worked on a creative concept, we booked a new location, we had a lot of meetings with speakers and partners.

But what would you do? Should we chancel the event or postpone it for the next year or should we take an other chance in the digital world? After some sleepless nights, at beginning of March, I asked every speaker, would you want to be a part of our „virtual speaker“ team and to secure a high level knowledge transfer in a very special digital event form? Except 2 speaker, who sayed, they can`t do it, but all others, more than 30 speakers from around the world say, YES, we will do it, let`s do it! – thank you for your trust, dear MOI friends! You will be the main actor of our „MOI LIKE A MOVIE!“ https://magicofinnovation.eu/

After a very bad time, I was so happy, to create a creative concept for our Digital MOI! I`m so happy to work together with the greatest people from USA, Latin America, Africa, Australia, Asia and Europe. All our great speaker are preparing the pitching videos already, to start the movie at 18th & 19th Aug. 2020. Do you want to know our #MOI 5 feelings? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eul5T1woFJM

Do you know, what is the next step now? I would like to invite you and your motivated, future oriented insurance manager, broker, insurtechs, partners, investors, who want to learn more about the future of sales & marketing, climate change & disaster, ecosystem & platform economy, robotic & AI or the latest InsurTech News from around the world. Would you like to be a part of our „MOI LIKE A MOVIE“ journey and do you want to meet virtual other #MOI friends? Do you know, why the people like our MOI feeling?

Astrid Valek /HDI Insurance „Over the last years MOI has become an international conference and hotspot for the insurance industry. Famous speakers point out new trends and various start-ups pitch their latest ideas and solutions. It is really fascinating and gives you amazing insights and impulses for your own business. No doubt – MOI has a strong impact on the further digitalization and innovation process in insurance companies.”

Christian Winkler / Nürnberger Insurance “Innovation is not only knowledge transfer, but also innovation is inspiration from colleaguas, experts and insurtechs from around the world. MOI is a good opportunity to meet other future oriented insurance manager”

Dr. Robin Kiera / digitalsouting.de „The MOI is the place in Europe where you meet decision makers and listening to key-notes and use cases you cannot meet somewhere else. It’s maybe the European conference with the most familiar atmosphere. There is no networking app necessary. Everybody is open to talk to you.“ 

Florian Graillot /Astorya.VC : “MOI is the best way to engage with the InsurTech scene, and get insights on what’s happening in that attractive market. On top of that, it’s the perfect place to kick off business relationships with both startups and corporates, as you’ll be sure to meet people that matters.”

If you want to reserve your „virtual seat“ with an early bird ticket till end of Jun, welcome at our MOI community. And do you know, what`s the best? We will innovate together again!

Thank you in advance for your trust to create the best insurance event in the „crazy corona time! With my personally motto „the way to create your innovative company!“

Let`s innovate insurance world! https://magicofinnovation.eu/

Why do we need more digital leader in the insurance industry?

The insurance industry is working on digital process optimalisation. They are  learning a lot: how can we develop new business models and special new service models, to support the needs of clients and to achieve the „heart of customers“.

For this purpose they use a design thinking approach, analysing trends and using business model canvas. But they shouldn‘t learn only methods, but also how new technologies like artifical intelligence, blockchain, internet of things or predective analitics work. This combination is very important to be „fit for the future“, to be a digital leader! Because the digital leaders will be the winner and as you know „the winner takes it all“! 😊 I think, most of our challenges are coming from the complexity of digital transformation and the complexity of the insurance branche. How should we start? Should we start with processes, products, organisation, clients or employees? Should we cooperate with a startup or should we be a startup, as digital insurer or should we found a venture and invest in startups? Mehr lesen

TOP 5 explanations, why the digitalisation is not relevant for the insurance industry

In the last month I had the possibilities to discuss the „insider“ status with insurance managers (CEO`s and leaders from insurance companies). What is their opinion and mindset from the digital transformation?

I have collected for you my experience with the top 5 five explanations or excuses from insurance CEO’s and leaders, why the digital transformation is not relevant for their insurance company. I realised my mindset, my community, you as my Social Media friends are more motivated to understand and create a new way, new possibilities for the next generation. Sorry for my honestly words, but this is the reallity as well.:-)

Here you can find some insights from the „other world“ of insurance, but as real world as well.

  1. 1. „digitalisation is not something else than automatisation“ – in the last 5-6 years, I try to motivate the insurance industry, that this „journey“ is not only to buy a software, not only to install artifical intelligence or chatbot, this are more activities. E.g. to find new business models, to create amazing real time processes, marketing campagne and solutions, transforming the organisation and to understand the „exponentional thinking“.
  2. 2. „we are not interested in digitalisation, because, the IT colleagues -software engineer and data sciences are very expensive, our back office colleagues are cheaper“ – yes, this is true, but as leaders of a company, is this really a vision?
  3. 3. this topic is related to point 2: „unfortunatly IT colleagues is very difficult to find, because if you are talented, they will found own companies as a startup. Because founding a startup is a hype in our country.“ Of course, because some goverment recover the power of startups from the economic side too.
  4. 4. „Mrs. Krizsan, I have 3 years to get retired, why should I innovate? My results, premium, profit are going very well. It`s not necessery to change“. But I would ask, do you have the same situation in 10 years as well? Because the decision from today, can make results only some years later (or earlier:-).
  5. 5. „we don`t want to be „first mover“, because the insurance as a product you can`t protect by patent and we have to check, is the solution good or not. We are in a waiting position“ – yes, this is true as well. But if you want to be in the business tomorrow, you have to be different, you have to do other, creative solutions for your clients.

And, and, and…I could continue the stories, but I don`t want to demotivate you, because you are a future oriented manager with the right mindset about the future of insurance.

Let`s innovate with my personally motto: “the way to create your innovative insurance”  See you again at #MOI2020 /digital/  at 18-19.08.2020!