What can we learn from Silicon Valley in Europe?

The first fact is the concept of Silicon Valley can`t be copied. You can learn and adapt some methods, usefull process and some behavior, but the mindset of people is really different from Europe.

Of course, Europe understands, that we need more innovative and motivated people, who have crazy and sometimes risky ideas to save and change the world

But when we checked the last Unicorn report (“unicorns”—private companies valued at $1 billion or more) from Fortuna, we could see, that we aren‘t really on the right way, because we missed European companies.

Here you can read the survey: http://fortune.com/unicorns/

But I think everybody unterstood, that we need some changes in our mindset as well.

5 years ago, as I started with my Startup – Insurance Factory „to change the world“ – to be honest, only to change the world of insurance – it was absolutly new to speak about innovation in the insurance industry, but today I realised in Silicon Valley, that most of the insurance companies are looking for new business models, to cooperate with startups, organising hackathons and… Read more