Behind the #MOI Scenes

Behind the #MOI Scenes

#Vienna is an imperial city with a special atmosphere. If you are walking around the „RING“, you have the feeling to be in the 19th century. Beautiful buildings, parks with Strauss and Mozart, lovely Castels, Barokk City Hall and different kind of Museums. It`s worth to walk and enjoy the feeling. Our #MOI Palace in the City gives us the atmosphere to be in the 19th century, Vienna symbolize the Tradition. But of course on the other side new buildings & new concepts like weXelerate with Awi Lifshitz (The Biggest Open Innovation Hub in CEE) or Petra Hauser (Talentgarden, international Co-Working Space) symbolize the Innovation Spirit in the City. It was the idea to choose a venue to our #MOI2021 motto „Innovation meets Tradition!“ Yes-yes, we decided us for the beautiful Palace Eschenbach thanks @Peter Lieber. But a Palace without Princesses is not a good idea, so the Hostesses and I will wear nice Victorian clothes. Are you curios for it? Me too! 🙂
I got the invitation to a special „rental of theater clothe“ and I have to tell you, I enjoyed to try the different clothes, like a princess! Here I show you some impressions about my different looks. Don`t worry – we will symbolize the „Innovation“ as well with our Jeans and Shirts! But of course the most important thing is to enjoy the #MOI2021 Show and to follow us Digital or in Vienna on 20-21.october 2021. Are you ready?
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Behind the Scenes – #MOI2021 Countdown

Behind the Scenes – #MOI2021 Countdown

Insights about venues, clothes, foods and #MOI feeling coming soon

I`m very excited to tell you some details about our preparation for #MOI2021 – Insurance Innovation Day in Vienna. You know „#MOI is more than a conference!“ We have now less than 1 month to meet again as an yearly „class reunion“ in Vienna with other insurance enthusiasts.

As every year, we choose not only an event motto but also for the motto suitable venue, dress code, food and other creative topics. This year is #MOI2021`s motto „Innovation meets Tradition!“

After a long Covid Break, we had the question: How can we symbolize „Innovation meets Tradition!“? As you know, the insurance industry is a very traditional industry but with high potencial with their expertise and finance strongness to create innovation and new customer experience for the next generation. We invited not only insurance incubents but also young entrepreneurs and insurance talents under 35 to tell us insights and trends.  

Yes-yes, now we can`t meet colleagus from around the world, but we organise a digital live streaming as well. And if you want to feel the spirit of #MOI, you have to be in Vienna on 20-21.october 2021. Are you ready for #MOI2021 insurance journey?

We don`t have only a creative concept behind #MOI, we have also a high level of contents and learning possiblities with great experts from around the world to grow together and create the best industry for the next generation.

See you in one month in Vienna at #MOI2021!

Adeolu Adewumi-Zer Mihaly Erdos Adrian Marin Michael Zwiefler Christine Theodorovics Andreas Buhr Andreas Hladky Thomas Windhager Sabine VanderLinden Irene Fialka Romana Ruda Erich Kruschitz Matteo Carbone Andrea Baumgartnerova Emmanuel Djengue Gudrun Meierschitz Alexandru CIUNCAN Barbara Liebich-Steiner George Kesselman Luis-Felipe Latorre Dipu KV Joachim Seebacher Michael Marte Jonathan Hughes Gero Reiniger Tim Attia Rinalda Klemencic Imtiaz Adam Peter Lieber Florian Graillot Dr. Robin Kiera



Since I have organised MOI – Insurance Innovation Day – in Vienna, I had to solve some challenges like technic issues, speakers, with my „lovely moderator“ Gergely – and other unforgettable adventures. But last year 2020 was the most challenging time in our #MOI journey. But I belived and hoped, that #MOI2021 will be again as live „class reunion“ with friends, partners, talents and insurance enthusiasts from around the world.

We invited insurance experts to tell us the latest news from the insurance world and I can promise, your knowledge will be increased to the next level. My personally statement: in this uncertain time the best investment is, to invest in your insurance know-how. To understand the new expectations of customers, to use new technologies and to create „vibrant“ organisation structures. Why do we need it? Because, if you want to be in business tomorrow, you have to do it today now. Because, this is not a 1 or 2 months project, this is a journey with clients, employees and partners in this new wave of insurance ecosystem.

We invited international experts from around the world to tell us about their experience and to present insights from Sales & Marketing, from Technologies (AI, Blockchain & Cloud) and Organisation Developing perspectives – it`s sure our know-how will be increased to the next level.

My wish is with my enthusiasm to the insurance industry, I can motivate you with special event effects like our motto „Innovation meets Tradition“ to come to Palace Eschenbach in Vienna, with our special Viennese foods (Wiener Schnitzel & Co.) and our special (baroque) clothes. Are you ready for the next insurance experience?

Save your seat in Vienna now (it`s necessery to book now, because of Covid 19 we have only limited seats!!!)

But The Good News are! We will stream live for everybody, who wants to learn and growth with us!