Magic of Innovation Conference in Vienna

…where insurance experts from North, South and East Europe meet

What do „insurance“ and „innovation“ have in common? Besides the place in the dictionary probably not much, one could say. In addition to the place dictionary one thing – in my opinion – is important to add: the Magic of Innovation Conference in September each year in the beautiful city of Vienna, Austria.

This year I had the privilege to participate at a panel, moderated and led by Frank Genheimer, Actuary and MD of New Insurance Business. The panel discussed about „Product Time“ and aimed at several topics on the future of insurance products. It was great to talk with renowned experts such as Timo Dreger, Dr. Axel Wachsmann and Ales Tomazin – even though some tough arguments and opposite views were exchanged.  Mehr lesen

I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU!

We have 36 days 6 hours left….(at this moment, I`m writing my new blog)

I know, a lot of events will take place at this time on 20th&21st September, but I can promise, our new ideas (INSURY Startup Award with pitching session, 5Y celebration) will be very special for you.

Thank you to more than 150 innovators, who will join our #MOI2017 in Vienna.

My own dream is to give as many opportunities to learn in this very informative and digital world about the future of insurance, about the chances, that digitalisation give us.

This week I`ve learned a new word – „EXPONENTIONAL THINKING“! Do you know, what is necessary in the future for leaders – exponentional thinking? Mehr lesen