CoCoCo – Collaboration – Co-Creation – Connectivity

The last weeks for Insurance Factory have been really busy. Why? No-not by reason of spring garden work:-)

The reason is we are preparing the MOI –Insurance Innovation Day on 20th & 21st of September in Vienna. As you know, „we have built a new international insurance community“ with insurance, brokers, startups, Venture Capital companies, business partners and for everybody, who is interested to prepare a trendy & innovative insurance industry.

Sometimes, I hear, that the insurance industry is very boring. This is not true – today the insurance industry is ready to create a digital future for customers. Of course, the results are not always visible from the first day , but I promise, the insurance industry will be the most fascinating industry in the near future. The Industry understands the needs of clients and the are carrying out a lot of activities, they are listening and learning from other industries, mistakes as well. They are investing time to come to our Insurance Innovation Talk and Insurance Innovation Day. In our training, they are learning new methods and tools to develop easy and simple activities to find new business opportunities.

It was a vision for me 5 years ago, to find a new way to support the insurance industry with inputs. The reason is not only to see the future, but also “to make the future“.

It is the first time our International Insurance Innovation Day’s conference language will be english, in the heart of Europe, in Vienna.

Our slogan is CoCoCo – Collaboration – Co-Creation – Connectivity. Our motivited Startups are preparing to apply for the INSURY STARTUP AWARD and are waiting to show you new solutions and new ideas.

Of course our Milli Pepper robot is already looking for you, to welcome you and dance with you a “DonauWalzer“

We are very happy, to greet you and your team in Vienna with my motto “the way to create your innovative insurance“

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