How can you „pitch like a startup“, if you aren`t a startup!?

Can you imagine? You are on stage in Vienna and you win INSURY Talent Award, you get the attention of your colleageus, leaders, friends, family and media partners. But not only the attention, you get the INSURY Talent Trophy as well! How would be the feeling?

If you want to be part of this very special experience on our next Insurance Innovation Day in Vienna on 20th Oktober 2021, you are invited to apply.

Why am I organising this Award?

I`m working for more than 28 years in the insurance industry (ups-ups😊) and I would be happy to support and motivate young insurance manager and broker to show their favorite innovation from their (re)insurance & broker company. In the last 8 years, I`m working in different innovation workshops together with motivated and talented insurance manager & broker and I would be happy to give our #MOI2021 stage to show amazing insurance innovations, they working on. If this is a product or process developing, marketing campaging or a new organisation form, we would be happy to learn more about it.

We invite young professionals (under 35) to apply and show their favorite project in 1 min. pitching video. The first 50 applicants get the possibility to be an actor in our new insurance community song: SING, SING Insurance!

Of course, with your application, you attend #MOI2021 in Vienna personaly or digital. And the best is, you can create a video clip with us with our Community Song!

The 10 finalists will be invited to a Live Pitching Session on 20th Oktober in Vienna or Digital to pitch your favorite project. (max. 3 min.)

Are you ready for our WORLD PREMIERE of INSURY Talent Pitching Award? Here you can apply:

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