Learning, InsurTechs, Flashmob, Tram Adventure…

Why should you attend our #MOI2018 in Vienna? In the last 6 years, I`ve motivated the insurance industry to think a new way to create a value for customers, to learn a lot of methods (via Design Thinking, Business Modell Innovation, Creativity methods) and of course to attend our programms via Innovation Talks, Innovation Trainings-„Digital Garage“, #MOI Innovation Days. Why do I do this? I like this industry, I have a lot of ideas to prepare the industry for the „next generation“ and I motivate the insurance managers every day to have a „digital mindset“. Do you know #MOI? It will be organised already the fourth time this year and I summarized for you, why I mean, this is an event only for you, as future oriented managers!

  1. We have a lot of contents, learning, knowledge transfer in topic sales&marketing, new technology (AI, Blockchain, IoT etc), the future of products, bancassurance, cross industry perspective from expert to expert from around the world
  2. Our Advisory Board decided, that the best 20 INSURY Startups can introduce their new technologies, new ideas and business modells to help the insurance industry
  • to have a better customer experience („wow-effect“)
  • to reduce costs and increase efficiency and profit
  • and to find new business modells and get the INSURY STARTUP AWARD

3.  Our „friends of insurance“ are invited to attend the biggest insurance flashmob ever. Whether it will be a guinness world record, I don`t know, but we are waiting for approval! It will be a magic!

4. And our participants are invited in a pre-event for a #MOI TRAM ADVENTURE Sightseeing through Vienna at 19th of Sept. from 11.15 a.m to 1.00 p.m / Endstation: Studio44

Yes, as you know, without our amazing partners (Ubimet, Capture, Enowa, TIA, SparX, Grohe,Toptranslation, NekoNata), speakers (Sandro, Patricia-Facebook, Mario-Google, Judit, Florian, Nameer, Dejan, Moritz, Robin, Frank, Alexander, Helmut, Lukas, Jürgen, Julian, Jürgen, Hesus, Nicolas, Claudia, Rene, Gabrielle, Tobias,Dejan and so many great colleagues from around the world), mentors (Münich Re, Uniqa, ÖBV, Generali, S-Versicherung) and „sweety“ partners (pralinamo, Manner, Naschkatzen, Wienerpunchkrapfen) we couldn`t organise such an #MOI event! A big THANK YOU for you!

Do you want to save your seat, please do it…we have just 30 days until 19th of September and we have only 30 seats free…this is not a marketing trick, this is a motivation for you to be part of our amazing #MOI2018 journey! Let`s innovate insurers, let`s innovate Vienna! More information: www.magicofinnovation.eu and #MOI2018 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bLZwZP8tdrU


Of course if you are ill, if you are on holiday and you have an other appointment or if you aren`t motiveted to „meet the future of insurance“, you are excused! 😊