YES-YES-YES! Do you dream about something, you would like to realize?

I did it, long time ago, I read a lot of the world of innovation, headquarter of online giants, a lot of unicorn companies and big personalities /Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Peter Thiel&Co./,who started projects in Silicon Valley.

Every project starts with a dream, with an idea, to improve the world (or a small part of the world).

“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do” Steve Jobs

Silicon Valley is a “HYPE” or “HOPE” in Europe. I don`t know it, but everybody, who is interested in innovation, wants to go to Silicon Valley, to be inspired from companies, to be inspired to create something new.

This dream to go to Silicon Valley will be realized for me. Yes, this month, I will have the feeling, what is the secret of this area.  Airbnb, Facebook, Cisco, SAP, Venture Capitals, Accelerators, Startups & Co., all this companies are my list to visite.

Of course after coming back, I will tell you my experience, about my meetings with startups, with business angels and visited companies, with a high innovation level. What is the secret? Could we achieve this level in Europe some day? With a lot of questions I`m going to go to the world of innovation.

But until this experience, let`s train your mindset with the best of innovation methods and tools!:) How can we create a new business model, which ideas can increase our customers satisfaction? A good news – every organization, every company started already with a digital transformation process. Everything begins with the first step!

Let`s innovate with my motto: “the way to create your innovative insurance”

P.S: as I mentioned in my last newsletter, from this year are my Blogs english! – “we build a new international insurance community”


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