„#MOI is more than a conference!“ but everybody asking me, WHY?

#MOI is more than a conference!“ but everybody asking me, WHY?

As you know, MOI is not the biggest insurance conference in the world, but we have a special familial atmosphere to learn and to grow together. Who will attend #MOI2021 in Vienna or Digital, has not only the possibility to learn, but also for networking and to leave #MOI2021 with amazing experiences. As every year, our #MOI journey will start with an Opening Kids Dance with a choreography from Viennese waltz to Hip-Hop, also „Innovation meets Tradition“! Do you know our new Insurance Community Song? We invited the Composer and song writer, BARIO, who will present the SING, SING Insurance! The Song with the new INSURY Talents Video Clip. As you know, we invited not only 10 Insurtechs and 10 Healthtechs to pitch the best business models. Our pitching session will start with young insurance professionals (U35), who attended our first initiative „pitch like a startup, even if you aren`t“ and 10 Talents introduce in a 3 min. video a favorite project from their companies. Are you curious? We too!

As you know, our motto is: „Innovation meets Tradition!“ in a special Palace, where princesses with special clothes and crowns will welcome you. Not only our venue and clothes, but also our Viennese food will represent our motto.

Our speaker list is amazing! Matteo Carbone „The King of Telematics“ is coming again to Vienna, Andreas Buhr „Sales Profi“ tells us the secret of new wave of selling, Sabine VanderLinden, „The InsurTech Queen“ speaks with Irene Lyakovetsky🎙🎧 and Imtiaz Adam about AI &Data analytic. Insurance Companies like AXA, ALLIANZ, GENERALI, UNIQA, SWISS LIFE, CSOB, Zavarovalnica Sava, ACREDIA, MERKUR, KLV show us, the Insurance industry is not „sleeping“.

Great partner Capgemini, PwC, EFS Business Consultancy Co.,Ltd., Zelros, Huawei Cloud, UBIMET Group, Sparx Services Central Europe // Sparx Services Switzerland tell us the latest insights from the „outside“ perspective. „Who has time for such a conference?“–some busy insurance manager asked. Yes, I know, everybody is very busy, a lot of projects with deadlines, no time for going to a conference. But, do you have every day the possibility to go to such a conference? My answer, definitive NO. You can come next year, you can have such an experience next year, next time, but this is a special moment, we can`t repeat it. People coming from different countries to enjoy this moments with us, to let inspire us about the future of insurance.

If you want to stop your daily business only for 2 days with the goal to receive new #MOI insurance experiences, welcome in Vienna or in the Digital world. The other 363 days,of course you can continue your old and new projects. But if you have 10 hours, join our #MOI community from 20th october 2 pm till 21st october 3 pm. (no-no, in the night, we will have not only a „After MOI Party“, we will sleep as well!) magicofinnovation.eu

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