What would you like to be, if you`ll be a grown-up?!

Policewoman or Insurance manager?

This question will be asked from every 14 years old Teenager. What did you answer?

It was the question in a homework to me as well. Despite the wish from my dad – he wanted I should be a „policewoman“, a real detective, who will have a save job till the end of my life. (I sayed, yes, if you not murdered before!) – but I want to work in the insurance industry. I don`t know why, nobody in the family worked in this „boring“ industry! And I started with my first job at Generali Group in the Finance Department in 1992 and got the chance to learn and to grow with the company. I discovered various departments, I learned the side of life-, car-, home-, travel & co. insurance of the industry by the new client center which was founded as „green field operation“. I liked it!

But the next challenge was an international job in the ERGO group! To found new companies , to harmonise business processes, to cooperate with differenct partners and to work in the international area together.

But after 20 years in the corporate world, I wanted to build an own company! Yes, „Insurance Factory“ was borned with the idea, to motivate insurance managers to create new business models and new ideas for the next generation with methods via Design Thinking, Business Model Innovation or Blue ocean strategy.

But NOW my heart`s desire to give motivated young insurance professionals and startups the chance to show their favorite insurance innovation from their companies. INSURY Startup Award will be organised 7th time at #MOI2021 but the INSURY Talent Challenge was the first time organised with the aim to invite young people (under 35) to attend on an initiative of „pitch like a startup, even if you aren`t“. We got 13 pitching videos from 14 insurance managers & brokers, to introduce this favorite project.

But we have only 10 places to pitch. Who should pitch? In our special LinkedIn Group (“Insurpreneur-Insurance Innovators”) was the voting approach to know, who gets the most of the likes – who will be invited to pitch live in Vienna on 20th october.

Thank you to all INSURY Board members, Thank you for the Leaders, who motivated young insurance managers to attend the challenge. We did something new and we showed, that the insurance industry isn`t a „boring industry.

If you want to follow your favorite Talent, you are welcomed to our #MOI2021 Insurance Innovation Day in Vienna or Digital on 20-21.october 2021. If you don`t want to join our conference, but you would like to vote for your favorite talent, welcome to our Pitching Session, Voting and Award Ceremony.

Do you know, that we don`t have only a Talent pitching Session, but also 10 InsurTechs & 10 Healthtechs show us the latest technologies and business models. 

Are you ready for the next insurance „Adventure„?

Join our #MOI community and grow with us! Magicofinnovation.eu or direct Eventbrite

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